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Aerospace Project Manager Jobs

iNTECH is a highly specialised recruitment company considered as an industry leader in the recruitment of talented individuals for sectors such as aerospace, automotive, engineering, pharmaceuticals, construction, food and energy.

We have over a decade of experience and our portfolio of clients is a testament to our rapid growth and ambitious forward thinking psyche. Our consultants are both highly trained and highly skilled and possess the qualities to identify which candidates will excel if given the right role to move into.

Project managers play a significant part in the many stages of a project and will often play a pivotal part in the final outcome. Whilst they may not always be physically executing parts of the project, they require a high level of organisation, attention to detail and foresight to eliminate and address problems before they become too problematic. Project managers are now used in a variety of businesses and are very prominent in sectors such as aerospace, construction, automotive and I.T.

iNTECH currently has a number of aerospace project manager jobs and positions which will require candidates to possess qualifications in an aerospace or engineering field. A Master’s degree or other qualifications such as Prince II will also be beneficial. Candidates will be expected to detail the scope of a project including accurate estimations for the time of completion, the materials needed and the necessary budget. The goals and deliverables which are created must support business goals.

Communication and co-ordination is an essential part of the project management role and project managers will be expected to relay crucial information such as project expectations to senior members of staff and stakeholders. They may also take sole responsibility of the workforce and this includes developing processes and priorities, subsequently delegating tasks based upon these estimations. Candidates will also need to possess excellent reporting skills to outline the successes or failures of the project, the subsequent causes, and the development of new processes to eradicate any issues arising on future developments.

If you have the required experience and are looking for aerospace project manager jobs then contact iNTECH today.

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