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Client Service

If you choose Intech Recruitment as your preferred supplier for technical recruitment you will receive the highest quality service.

Your business relies on highly skilled and hard working staff. Quality is at the heart of this industry, and that starts with people. Building the right team involves making sure that all the components such as skills, ambitions and experience are in place.

Our process driven approach is focused on helping you achieve this quality by introducing you to the best candidates. All our staff undergo the same in house training when they join us, and we have a structured staff development programme to maintain our high standards. 

In terms of the recruitment process, we have quality controls in place to make sure your Account Manager not only fills your vacancy but also provides an excellent service at the same time. This includes your Account Manager devoting time to understanding your role and requirements before beginning to contact candidates and a cap on the number of candidates we submit to you to save you time by screening and interviewing only suitable candidates. By working with you in this way, building relationships with both HR and Hiring Managers and getting to know you one on one, we become an extension of your company.

Our experience and network mean that we can deliver solutions quickly and effectively, and we provide the same quality across


We also provide additional services which can help you to make your interview process more efficient, particularly for difficult roles or distance recruiting, for example. 

Talk to a Consultant today about these services and more.