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Medical information officer jobs

The pharmaceuticals industry is heavily reliant on a wide variety of professionals to help maintain a high level of service and productivity.

Whilst the requirements of each job will differ dependent on the institution, the objective to work towards a common goal of improving healthcare related services is always at the forefront. iNTECH recognises the need for skilled individuals in the pharmaceuticals & clinical field and has a range of client connections which give our candidates the edge in finding medical information officer jobs.

Jobs in medical information require candidates to possess fantastic analytical skills as you will be required to process a wide variety of statistical information pertaining to specific products, devices and research. Candidates will need to be familiar with medical terminology and clinical data.

Duties may include:
•    Answering queries from clients, other healthcare professionals and customers regarding product information or details.
•    Successfully analysing clinical data to garner facts and figures which are pertinent to enquiries.
•    Creating written documentation of queries asked and answered to be used by other members of staff if and when necessary.
•    Training other members of staff about medical information data, especially in the case of sales support or junior staff.
•    Conducting external research in relation to products or industry changes.
•    Liaising effectively with other departments such as Medical Affairs, Regulatory, Drug Safety, Customer Service and Marketing & Sales.

Candidates will generally require the following:
•    A bachelor’s degree in pharmaceuticals, life sciences or similarly medically related field.
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•    Excellent analytical skills and methodical approach
•    Minimum 2 years’ experience in a related position.

Whilst medical information jobs historically required candidates strengths to solely lie within analysis and statistics, the increased need for excellent written and verbal communication skills has derived from the integration and expansion of other medical departments, meaning that candidates now have to deal with a diverse range of requests and a broad mix of professionals.

If you’re looking to establish yourself in a medical information job with a reputed employer, contact iNTECH today.

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